for public information and announcements
You need to easily broadcast public information and announcements within your facility ?
During this particular time, it is essential to share safety information with the public very simply.
Our TERRACOM Audio over IP solutions have been specially designed to transmit live audio paging, stored messaging, background music, 2-way intercommunications, control input/output triggers and audio monitoring over a TCP/IP network.

Wether or not your establishment is fitted with a sound system, TERRACOM will enable you to set up from the simplest to the most complex of your applications.
Why IP Solutions ?

Many buildings are equipped with a network infrastructure, therefore audio over IP technology has the huge advantage of utilising existing networks and crossing routers for ease of integration.

- Highly flexible solution 
- Minimal cable installation 
- Minimal installation time 
- Cost effective solution 
- IT friendly implementation and on-going management 
- Simplified maintenance 
- Compatible with existing PA/VA systems
Our range of IP products is composed of several IP terminals (IP Audio Encoder, IP Audio Decoder, IP Audio Encoder/Decoder, IP Amplified Terminal), IP Paging Consoles, IP Speakers, IP Management ang GUI softwares.
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- Hospitals 
- Medical offices
- Waiting rooms
- Transportation
- Shopping malls
- Hotels

- Museums 
- Leisure centers 
- Schools
- Retails
- Offices
- ...
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