Amazon Music Unlimited offers an impressive library of music with cool integration features with the Amazon device family, like the Echo or Fire TV hardware. But if you’re looking for a big  range of music
this is your best choice
30 days free trial
Playlists and stations Just like Spotify, Amazon Music Unlimited offers curated playlists and the option to create personal playlists. You can also access playlists created around a genre or artist. For example, the Lady Gaga station will serve you up a healthy mix of Gaga’s tunes and other artists with connecting themes, genres and moods. 
 Offline play Amazon Music Unlimited offers offline play for tracks. If you’re heading on a long-haul flight or simply want to avoid excess data usage, you can download tracks and albums before leaving the safety of your WiFi connection.
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Ad-free listening This one is a no-brainer for a paid music streaming service, but Amazon Music Unlimited lets you listen to your tunes on-demand with no ad breaks, as well as giving you an unlimited number of song skips.

Hands-free listening with Alexa If you’re caught up in an intense gaming session or in the middle of cooking dinner, you can enable hands-free mode on your Alexa-compatible device to allow for up to eight hours of continuous playback from your Amazon Music Unlimited account while off the charging cradle.